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4 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Graduates Are Unemployable


The lack of employment options and opportunities for Nigerian graduates is one that cannot be ignored because to do so would be foolhardy. But when severely probed, all we get as a reply is that the so-called Nigerian graduates are unemployable. So these are the few reasons why some graduates are unemployable.

1. Lack Of Required Skill

In a nation like Nigeria, it is an essential requirement for a graduate to be able to boast of a particular skill. Employers are obviously tired of seeing the same set of individuals with the same set of qualifications springing up for interviews daily whereas they are in need of someone that will stand out.Therefore, in case you are being accused of not being employable, drastic times call for drastic measures, the ball is in your court.

2. They Are Educated Illiterates

“Just going to school and getting a certificate is not a guarantee of getting a job. Every employer wants beyond just a certificate. Every employer is out to employ someone with reasoning and intellectual might, not someone who cannot play with a full deck. Someone who knows how to and wants to learn more than what they studied in school and on the job. Someone who can readily bring ideas to the table on how the company can forge forward. Not someone with low reasoning capability who won’t even be able to answer extremely trivial questions.“. A graduate is expected to develop him or herself so one can refer to such person as a worthy and employable graduate.

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3. Employers’ Unrealistic Demands

Reading through the requirements of a company in search of a computer analyst, it goes thus:

Applicant must be less than 28 years of age.

Applicant must have acquired a bachelor’s degree in one of the following: Computer science, software engineering or computer engineering.

Applicant must have graduated with a minimum grade of second class upper.

Applicant must have at least 4 years experience in a recognized organisation.

Applicant must be willing to learn about new ideas under whatsoever environment. Under these tense conditions, hardly will you see a graduate that will scape through and qualify for just the application, invariably such graduate is unemployable by such company.

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How do we expect an average Nigerian graduate with 4years of experience to be less than 28years of age, it’s hardly possible even if you attended a private varsity where you might scape through the trap of ASUU strike throughout your undergraduate life.

Also, setting a minimum height for a job, though it might actually be of great importance, depending on the kind of job, that condition already made all the short ones unemployable, if possible, employers should keep it at bay.

4. They Are All About The Pay

This can also be attributed to impatience, so they prefer to get rich overnight, they prefer to be paid very high overnight.

However, while we ascribe the avoidable but pitiable unemployment rate in our nation to these excuses, It is my informed submission that all graduates are employable but the conundrum is identifying where such graduates are needed to fully maximize their latent potential.

And based on this premise, it is a problem of lack of sufficient employment opportunities. Even in the best universities in the world, we still have dunce there and some of their graduates are also incompetent but that is not to totally exonerate some of our schools from the blame.

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Our curriculum needs to be reviewed because sometimes they load our brains with courses that are not related or useful to our course of study.
The university/college only guides an individual to achieve a well defined controlled behaviour called discipline but how far you develop yourself is entirely your own volition depending on how voracious you are for more information and knowledge. Thanks to the Internet.

Our government should create jobs for everyone because I insist that all graduates are employable in some areas across all the sectors of the economy including agriculture. The government should stop hiding under the cloak of unemployability to justify the lack of job creation.

Most importantly, while everyone can’t be entrepreneurs, our graduates should consider self-employment. Have you ever wondered why there is no employee in the list of the world’s richest persons?

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