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4 Reasons Committed Sex Is Better Than Casual Sex


I used to be one who thought monotonous sex was boring as I had never been in a committed relationship before. But now I’m afraid I have to reconsider that thought. Though I’m still a big proponent of friends with benefits and casual sex, as long as both parties involved are game and know what they’re getting into. Of course, casual sex is not for everyone. For me, it used to be the bomb because I could experiment and not get shy plus I had the option of doing the things I liked without having to face the person again (hello one-night stand).

There are pros and cons for both committed and casual sex, but while there’s a lot of overlap there are also many things that make them very different. That being said, as much as casual sex can happen in many different forms, there are some benefits to committed sex that you don’t find in a casual partner. Think of the comfort and security of knowing each other’s bodies and kicking the pressure to be perfect to the curb, you’ll realize that committed sex actually rules. Here are 4 reasons committed sex is better than casual sex:

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1. You Can Be More Adventurous

Once you’ve been in a relationship long enough, you become comfortable enough to suggest things you probably wouldn’t suggest with a casual hookup. Whether this involves trying a new, more adventurous position, introducing toys, or whether it involves playing out your fantasy. Even if you feel the urge to make a sex tape, you’ll always have the option letting your freak flag fly.

2. You’re More Likely to Have an Orgasm

I used to be one of the many women that weren’t having orgasms. But ever since I’ve been in a committed relationship, I’ve had multiple orgasms. This is because a partner cares more about making you feel good and not just getting off. Because of the times you’ve spent together your partner is able to know what gets you to climax.

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3. You’re Completely Uninhibited

When you are in a committed relationship, during sex you’re not worried about how you’re acting. You don’t care what you say, how you look or if the other person is into you. You just enjoy the moment in its most raw form. You are aware of where you are and who you are and you’re just happy. You’re happy to be alive and to be sharing things with this one person who plucked you out of obscurity and got to know you. Compared to some intense and shallow relationships you took part in, this feels real and honest.

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4. You Can Communicate Honestly

Like the song by Salt–N–Pepa “Let’s talk about sex, baby.” There’s less pressure to feel like you have to fake or hide anything with your partner. If you’re not feeling your partner’s move, you can just tell them and try something different, or just stop altogether. You can be honest with yourselves and communicate your feelings. You have the potential to be open and direct with your partner and expect the same in return.

I’ve found out that great sex is more of the product of a great relationship than the cause of one. And I think a relationship without a healthy sex life is always disappointing at some level. An open and honest communication is the lifeblood of relationships.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thank for reading.

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