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4 Hacks That Will Boost Your Brand on Social Media


21st-century brands are working so hard to build and maintain their online presence. This comes with the struggle for like, comments, retweets, subscribe and shares. But how do a lagging brand boost her online social media presence with a break from the norm? Below are 4 hacks that will boost your brand on social media.

Enjoy the ride:

 1. Drive Engagement

A spectacular way to boost your brand on social media is to engage regularly. This could be in the form of a question or asking your followers to carry out a specific action. Your contents should be targeted at the aforementioned and published at the right time. That is, your contents must be published at a time when you know your audience will be online.

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Brands should post at these times: 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm – This is as result of the peak period of the online community.

2. Content Diversification

What do I mean by this, your contents should not always be tailored to a specific theme. For instance, a brand that specializes on posting Quotes, MCM, WCW, TGIF etc. And you can find a thread of this looking at a major overview of the brand’s history on social media.

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Create a social media calendar for your brand showing which theme the focus should be on each week. This helps the brand not to publish the same type of content every week.

3. Maintain Consistency

Consistency should be in all ramifications. I’ll give you an instance, an attached creative (image) to your content should maintain a level of consistency in its logo.

Your brand’s logo shouldn’t be at the top left today and at the bottom right the next day. Consistency should be the watchword.

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This should also align with the quality of image used to publish any of your content online.


4. Find The Right Influencer

Find the right influencer for your brand. Collaborate with any influencer that would give your brand the spark – Thus, making you seen and heard.

Try hard to build a personal relationship with them first, then introducing them to your brand. Some of them charge way too much.

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