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4-Bedroom Bungalow House Plans in Nigeria


Home house arrangements are of the most asked for and well-known building arrangement in Nigeria. This is on the grounds that cabin structures are the most well-known building sorts in Nigeria particularly among low to medium wage workers. Quick picking up prevalence is the 4-Bedroom home house arrange in Nigeria among the privileged and medium salary workers alike.

The fame of lodge floor arranges in Nigeria primarily comes about because of the coveted comfort of having all the fundamental living territories on one story. Now and again, because of the nonattendance of stairs, the cottage house plan is appropriate for the individuals who are maturing, have constrained versatility or are kept to a wheelchair.


The first cottage houses were very little and just a solitary story in stature. Cabins regularly had wide verandas over the front or wrapping around the house giving extra family gathering ranges. Today cabins are as yet thought to be single stories however may incorporate halfway second floors or space territories.

Home floor arranges arrived in an extensive variety of sizes from little to reduced arrangements. Cabins can be viewed as appropriate floor gets ready for a mortgage holder – youthful or old, single or wedded, extensive families or little.

The best home outlines in Nigeria are either disconnected or semi-separated. Confined cabins are assembled to such an extent that it exists on a different plot of arrive all alone with no bordering structure.

The semi-disconnected cabins are normally an extravagance one containing two units fabricated one next to the other on a similar plot of land. Once in a while a low fence divider can isolate the structures for security and separate passage door. Others might be under an indistinguishable rooftop from one building yet in the genuine sense, they are two houses with a typical parcel divider isolating them.

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The normal components of a lodge floor arrange incorporate the front room, rooms, kitchen and toilets. Greater and more extravagance slanted current lodge outlines in Nigeria makes arrangement for numerous parlors, different toilets, feasting range, study or library, visitor room, various overhangs and pantry. The bigger the space possessed by the property, the more noteworthy the quantity of segments.



For the most part, building arranges in Nigeria have the accompanying measurements: 6 feet for bed, closet space width of around 2ft or 2.5ft as it might apply. A base size room has entryway space of 3ft or more bed space 6ft or more dissemination space 1ft which breaks even with 10ft now to include the human space of 2ft which makes it 12ft which is the standard least room estimate.

The parlor will require more furniture and expect a social affair of more individuals contrasted with the room. It ought to be the greatest space in the house.

Eating requires less space since it houses less furniture and movement, put the base as 8ft (two seats inverse each other of 2ft which signifies 4ft and table space of 3ft in addition to 1ft as flow which makes 8ft. For the more extended side of the eating with five seat game plans it is 5 by 0.6 equalling 10 ft). Kitchen outlines have changed a considerable measure of late as they now require greater space with breakfast table or worktops.

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Recorded beneath are the conceivable house arranges alongside the individual 4-Bedroom cabin pictures

1. Floor arrange A


Considering the courses of action in this sort of 4-room lodge arrange you are required to venture into the front room from the passageway or now and again the hall which prompts different parts of the house. One of the rooms, presumably the main room is put along the passageway from the passage. This is likewise on a similar line yet isolated from alternate ones by the family room. The three different rooms are then lined into frame a L-shape. Contiguous the lounge room is the eating region with an entryway that prompts the kitchen. By this are the utility territories (clothing and store room). This arrangement sort is an extravagance one since it highlights exceptional utility territories, for example, amusements and film region, it is ideal for a townhouse or excursion house. Contingent upon your pocket measure, you may pick the utility range that suits you.

2. Floor Plan B


From the yard ( prominently known as dormot), there is a passage driving into the house. Much the same as the typical L-shape over, the main room is isolates. The main distinction here is that alternate rooms are based on the inverse of this room, in spite of the fact that despite everything they frame the L-Shape. The introduction for the kitchen and feasting and in addition the front room can be played around with at the focal point of the house. For this situation, the clothing region might be arranged in the middle of the L-Shaped rooms.

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3. Floor Plan C


In this house arrange, every one of the rooms are based on a similar side in a solitary line. Once in a while, an utility region may be embedded in the middle of the rooms or place every single utility region with the kitchen, eating and lounge room on the parallel side of the rooms. For this sort of format, the visitor strolls from the passageway through the hall and straight to the holding up room or front room by and large. From the front room, you can associate straightforwardly to the feasting region, and from the eating to the entryway prompting the kitchen and another entryway driving outside of the building. This entryway will prove to be useful for foodstuffs that are brought inside and going next to each other the store and clothing.

Whatever other people comfortable with the house can just take the passageway and walk straight to alternate rooms as appeared in the photo above. This sort of design is an extravagance one as it components exceptional utility regions.

4. Floor Plan D


For this arrangement, one of the rooms (main room) is separated far from the others and set parallel to them. It may be toward the end corner of the arrangement or only promptly after the passageway from the patio.


  1. I love the building designs in this page. I have a half plot of land and want to build 4 bedrooms bungalow. Which designs can you recommend?

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