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30, Single & Societal Pressure


It is my birthday in a bit and I am so excited.In a society where a thirty-year-old single woman is considered an outcast or an underprivileged human being.

In a society where you are judged by your ability to keep a man rather than your intelectual capabilities, a society where people consider your achievements invalid because you still go by miss when you are thirty.

I could have been sad, depressed or sick but I choose to validate me.I choose to celebrate the breath of life, and my achievements especially since  I am purpose driven.

I am thirty, single but not alone.

I choose to share here because, unlike me, several women my age and above are almost about to or have given up on the fairytale ending.Just in case we are rocking the same boat, forget about what the society thinks for a moment and focus on you.
Think of how far you’ve come, think of your numerous achievements, think of all the progress you have made on your own.
If you cannot think of one reason to celebrate because your mind is clouded with doubts and despair, please see my gratitude list below and remind yourself that delay is not denial.
It does not matter what society thinks or says, you are who you say you are.
I could have been crying but I am dancing, despite the fact that things didn’t turn out as planned.
I might not be where I think I should be, but I have moved up the Ladder. I am definitely not where I was last year.
I m grateful for:
The Breath of life,
Clothes on my back,
Salvation of my soul,
Money in my pocket,
Food on my table,
The love of two parents,
Wonderful siblings who make me feel like a queen,
Friends who can give  up their lives  for me,
Shelter over my head,
New connections,
I choose not to forget;
The friends that disappointed me,
Heartbreaking disappointments,
The contracts I lost,
The tears I shed,
Those days when I couldn’t afford a square meal,
The guys I liked who never liked me back,
The salary which didn’t last till the next pay day,
Those nights when I cried myself to sleep,
Not to forget that am still single.
Yet am grateful to God.
I may not be where I thought I ought to be
But I have come a long way from where I was same time last year.
I have a lot to be grateful for.
Have you ever had a  hard time smiling on your birthday?
Please share your experience with us in the comment box.


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