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3 Interesting Lessons From The Movie ‘Black Panther’


Watching #BlackPanther was life-changing AND motivating for me… Here are three lessons I learned from the movie that I believe can apply to LIFE AND CAREER.

3 Interesting Lessons From  ‘Black Panther’


1. Develop good intent.

The negative intent is corrosive and damaging. Killmonger was full of negative intent.

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Yes, a bad thing happened to him when he was young, but when negative intent/energy fuels you, everything you touch will wither.

Same goes for building products.

2. Align yourself with strong and RELIABLE allies.

Partnerships can make or break you. Black Panther had STRONG allies/partners who were always ready to back him up or more importantly, SAVE HIS LIFE.

If it weren’t for his family, ex-girlfriend, and M’baku, Killmonger would still be sitting on the throne😭😭😭.

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3. You Need to Be Resilient.

The Black Panther didn’t have nine lives, but he DEFINITELY DID NOT waste his second one. After dying and coming back to life, he leveraged his second chance at life by going for the throne HEAD ON and made it his mission to ensure Wakanda became more integrated with the rest of society.

He was DRIVEN like a madman and showed nothing but resilience after coming back to life.

How resilient are you in your pursuits? What did you think of the movie? #blackpanther #wakandaforever

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