The Nativity Story ‘My Version’ Part 2

By our calculations, we would be expecting our baby at almost the scheduled Census exercise. How was I going to take the love of my life from Cyprus to Bethlehem? She would be so heavy by then.

We haven’t been to Bethlehem for a long time, we didn’t even know where we were going to stay, we agreed that we were just going to breeze in and then breeze out so quickly we would be faster than lightning. I seriously hoped I was going to be back home when our baby arrives.

So the d day finally came and we left to go to Bethlehem with other Bethlehemites, the journey was even longer than we expected, by the evening of the second day, we had taken several unnecessary stops so that the love of my life could rest.

By the third day we were left behind, I knew it wasn’t safe traveling alone, but I wasn’t going to let my baby go through this stress alone, I promised I was going to be here all the way, and I was going to keep my word.

By the end of the fourth day, we arrived our destination but we were a little too late.

There were no rooms at the inns anymore, and my darling Mary was already in labor, I was standing outside the inns frustrated when someone offered me his stables.

Not long after we got there, our baby arrived, effortlessly.

I could not believe my eyes when the shepherds came with their news about the visit of the angels.

Their visit cleared every other doubt I may had have left in me about our son and the role I was playing in his great story.

After the shepherd’s visit, I mauled over the events of the past few months, how I met the angel of my life, the dream I had after I found out she was pregnant, the journey to

Bethlehem, the visit of the shepherds, I just wondered how much planning it took Yahweh to make sure that every word of his mouth concerning the arrival of the messiah was fulfilled to them.

I was still thinking about all these when the wise men from the east arrived bearing expensive gifts.

These gifts if monetized was going to help us survive for a very long time, this was the cap of the whole story.

I know you Egyptians wouldn’t understand this story because you don’t believe in Yahweh.

I would tell you about my journey to Egypt in a moment. You won’t believe how we got here. I would have continued my story but my Mary needs my attention.

See you in a jiffy.

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