North Korea Hacks South Korea Military Cyber Command

​South Korea’s military cyber command, set up toguard against hacking, appears to have been

breached by North Korea, the military has said.

A spokesman told the BBC that classified

information was thought to have been stolen,

although it is not clear exactly what data was


The North has previously been accused of hacking

into banks and media outlets but never the South’s


Pyongyang has in the past rejected allegations of

cyber crime involvement.

“It seems the intranet server of the cyber

command has been contaminated with malware.

We found that some military documents, including

confidential information, have been hacked,” a

military spokesman told South Korea’s Yonhap

news agency .

It is not clear whether low-grade documents or

more important details like war plans were


The military said that the compromised section of

its network was isolated once the attack was

detected. North Korea is believed to have thousands of

personnel involved in cyberwarfare.

Since 2010 they have been focusing on application

programming interfaces (APIs), which can be

designed to attack national infrastructures, North

Korean defector and computer science professor

Kim Heung-Kwang told the BBC.

The North has a track record of alleged cyber

attacks in recent years against South Korean

government agencies, banks and media


An apparent concerted campaign involving the

planting of malicious code began in 2014, Reuters

news agency quoted police as saying.

It was aimed at laying the groundwork for an

attack on a massive scale, the agency said.

The campaign was discovered in February this

year after defence-related material including

blueprints for the wings of F-15 fighter jets was


Some 140,000 computers at 160 companies were

attacked up until this June, according to police.

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