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What Next for Nigerians in USA After Donald Trump’s Win


The triumph of Donald Trump as the next president is no more news to everyone although there is still some mixed reactions and disbelief about the results of the election especially here in Nigeria.

How the change in government and ideologies will affect the relationship of Americans with Nigerians in the USA and also Nigerians in the country still remain a puzzle to most Nigerian who wonder what their faith will be when the new president-elect is sworn in.

Even if the future will always remain an uncertainty, let’s take a closer look at Donald Trump’s victory speech and what it means for other nations of the world including we Nigerians.

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Donald Trump’s first sentence in his victory speech was an issue of an apology to the audience for keeping them waiting. Hearing that from a person with a huge personality is massive. For a person of Trump’s personality to start his speech with an apology only demonstrates how the campaign has changed him and how much he currently values people.

On calling his presidential victory Clinton’s and his, was Trump exercising his newly developed trait; peacemaking. It was a bold step in creating peace and stopping any controversy in the air.

He will be needing a lot of this his newly developed trait in dealing with both state and international affairs. Also calling for unity between republicans, democrats and independents are a further prove of his dedication to peace and ensuring America remains a united nation.

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His open statement on building relationships with other countries willing to work with America, and him seeking a common ground with nations will come as a relieve to some nations including some people in my country, Nigeria, with mixed feelings on how the impact of Trump’s election will affect Nigeria’s relationship with the United States of America.

I strongly believe the forecast of discord in relationships between the States and other countries if Trump is elected president has been overly exaggerated by some media channels during the course of Trump’s election campaign. I believe Trump will work for the better good of America and in achieving the American dream he will have to collaborate with both Americans and non-Americans and nations in the world.

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Over To You Now
Did you ever think Donald Trump had a chance of winning the election 18 months ago when he started his campaign? What was your reaction when the election result was announced? Drop them in the comment section below.

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