Merry Christmas From Me to You

Actually, December 25th is not the actual day on which Christ was born. This date was chosen in the year 333 AD. The Christians at that time of the Roman Empire needed an opportunity to celebrate the greatest gift to man, Jesus.


Emphasis on the greatest gift, to mankind. This is a day set to celebrate mankind and the fact that there is hope for mankind. The birth of Jesus is a symbol of hope, love, of a second chance for mankind and that includes you.

So it matters not what you have been through or is going through, it matters not who has hurt you or who you hurt.  It’s irrelevant the amount of guilt you think you carry, or if you think you are so low so much so that even Satan himself looks down on you.

Today, I bring you the message of hope.


God so loved you that he gave you his best gift,

God so loved you he wants you to have another chance,

God is so in love with you, he wants you to let go of all the pain,

To let go of the insatiable thirst for more, to let go of the all the hurt you carry around,

God so loved you, he wants you to have more,

To get a second chance.


As you celebrate and “jollificate” this season, remember that the reason for the season is not the hangouts, late night parties, trips to the cinema, travels and family reunions.

Please don’t get it twisted, I have nothing against these, in fact, I am a big participant in most of these. I just want you to know that while you are celebrating, remember the reason for the season, YOU.


Jesus is the greatest gift ever given to man, best gift ever given to you.

Enjoy your gift; take advantage of your gift.

You are the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.










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