Meet The 23-year Old Boy That Turned Down Microsoft To Start His Own Company


Jisssoz is lawwd! You can just imagine the look on my face.

There’s no job in the country and this 23-year-old Geek is turning down a job from Microsoft.

Chris Kwekowe believed he turned down his job offer from Microsoft for the best reason which is to build his own startup called “SLATECUBE” which is aimed to help young Nigerians find jobs.

In 2014, when Chris and his 20-year-old brother, Emerald, were just getting started, they funded the company by freelancing as web designers (not every time wait for investors).

How does Slatecube work?
Users first complete a course in their chosen discipline – classes ranging from corporate finance to anger management.

Next, the startup assigns them virtual internships, allowing them to work remotely for some big name companies like Cisco and Grant Thornton

If the virtual internship goes well, companies can then hire the Slatecube graduates for full-time work – simple.


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