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Let’s Talk About Sex

December 9, 2016 Uju Stevens 0

So I know lots of people are going to crucify me for this post but I think this is a must say. Sex is a very beautiful thing created by God for our pleasure but […]


Highlights From the Experience 2016

December 9, 2016 Uju Stevens 0

The Backstage Experience I talked about how much I enjoyed the experience 2016, if you missed it please click here. I would love to use this media to appreciate the experience crew. You did a […]


Inside Out

December 9, 2016 Uju Stevens 0

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. I listened to Pastor Joseph Prince and he said that even today the Midianites are still in charge of thought patterns only now they have […]


Entertainment or Edifyment

December 9, 2016 Uju Stevens 0

You are what you eat, You are what you read, You are what you listen too, Your vision depends entirely on what you see, Your ideas are based entirely on all the above, Show me […]

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I Have You Today

December 7, 2016 Milez 0

I have you today Its the only thing I can think about Today I will hold you, Stare at you blocking out any remembrances of tomorrow Intertwining fingers, we will whisper sweet nothings of past […]


‘Hurriyah’ – Freedom

December 6, 2016 Sunshine 0

Neemah had gotten very good at tying knots, A few weeks ago she had used a bundle of brightly colored yarn balls to teach the children arts and crafts. Soon, she had started going back […]


6 Surprising Benefits of Crying

December 5, 2016 Milez 0

We’ve all had a good cry, whether it’s the end of a close relationship, frustration at work, or even a movie. Amid the stream of salty tears sliding down our cheeks, blurring our vision, and […]

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