Kisses Without Meaning


So with an overwhelming sense of pheromones

And justification of my heart thumping and my nerves tingling,

here’s my lips to yours

In a solemn declaration of my infatuation

Let them merge, deepen and maybe heighten my pulse,

like wine fizzling in a cup

let my heated blood sensitize my nipples

as they stand in affirmation of the five-minute connection I felt with you

And ride on thin thirsty waves of sheer amourousness

And let my fingers join closer than out bodies and explore our physicality, mental distance notwithstanding

as long as my breasts fill the cup of your hands, we were meant to be,

we can cuddle in a few knowledge of names only

heart thumping sex filling the blanks

and let me be left with a numbing nothing

and assurances of sweet nothings

buttered with kisses without meaning.

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