I Have You Today

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I have you today
Its the only thing I can think about
Today I will hold you,
Stare at you blocking out any remembrances of tomorrow
Intertwining fingers, we will whisper sweet nothings of past that never was before now
And tomorrows that will never be
I have you today
May I,
May I be able to spread out this day
Hold you before the ark
And days after the godlys are gone
I would give out everyday before this happened
Or keep them knowing they were the trail that led me to you
I dream
Hoping against foolish hope
Being wounded with knives I’ve been cut with before
I still hope
Maybe cos today is ok
Is it?
I still have you today though
And I’ll spend half of it skipping Daly lilies
And the other half
Looking to spread it to forever
Either way baby
I’m thankful
I have you today

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