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Lagos big boy or Yoruba** Demon; to me, they are one and the same, contrary to popular opinion, any guy can be a Yoruba Demon. **Yoruba: (adj) Yoruba, as used here, does not refer to the tribe. The Term ‘Yoruba’ describes a heartless, cheating, lying person. Usually male could also be from the tribe Yoruba, […]
21st-century brands are working so hard to build and maintain their online presence. This comes with the struggle for like, comments, retweets, subscribe and shares. But how do a lagging brand boost her online social media presence with a break from the norm? Below are 4 hacks that will boost your brand on social media. […]

How to Identify a Yoruba Demon

On December 6, 2016

We all have one or more Yoruba demons in our lives, destroying and ruining every damn thing. However, we are here to ruin their business. Below are 7 ways to identify a deadly Yoruba demon. Well carve

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