How to Start a Recipe Blog


To start all you need is passion, participation and a lot of patience.
You all need them to survive the blogging world, imagine how you will get noticed when there are hundreds of thousands of recipe blog writers.
Don’t expect too much at first as you will get frustrated with the stats, just build momentum in your first 6 months to 1 year and it all relies on your participation on your blog and other blogs as well.
You will cook a lot and post at least 3 to 5 times a week so you can build a library of recipes, Google will love this and your site will be indexed regularly.
You will take a lot of pictures and need a decent camera and lighting equipment.
You will write a lot and plan a lot.
You need a lot of space to stage your food, you will need a lot of plates, bowls, glass, mats and other equipment.
Once you accepted this fact then you can start your blog.

First Stage : Build your blog and recipe database.

1. Choose a subject, cooking and recipes are General. You need to specialize in something like “Middle Eastern food”, “Paleo recipes”, “Dessert”, choose whatever you think you will love.
2. Choose a platform, WordPress is really good but you cannot advertise if you are not popular (I use this). I also tried blogger before, good for advertising but I don’t like the platform. Its up to you and if you want more info here is a comparison http://mynamscontent.s3.amazonaw… and here Five Best Blogging Platforms
3. Build your recipe, I suggest start with the basic ones like a pizza base, mayonnaise, white bread, hummus, etc you get the idea. You will need this later and save you time in writing the recipe over and over again on related post. Since you are also starting fancy recipes won’t be noticed if you start with them as you started as no one in the blogging world.
4. Make sure you practice in getting nice photos, look at food magazines on how pros do it. Get a DSLR and a cheap but good lens, like the 50mm it will give you a nice blurred background. You will also need light bouncers (white cloth will do), to bounce that light coming from the window and even the lighting on what you are taking picture of
5. Buy loose plates, glass, bowls, forks, spoon, place mats etc in thrift shops or second-hand shops you don’t want to use the same things again and again.
6. Reserve the URL you want to use as well as usernames in Social Networking Sites, if you don’t do this and you get popular they will steal the name and sell you at a dear price.

Note : Do not advertise your blog yet as they will be disappointed as there is no content yet, I suggest you have 50 recipes first before your first run of advertising.

Second Stage : Participate and get known with bloggers.

1. Actively read other blogs and comment frequently, don’t just comment “I love it” or “Nom nom nom” as you will not gain their attention for long. You will gain a lot of blogger friends at this stage, you will start noticing they will comment on your recipes as well.
2. You start receiving blogger made awards, accept them and follow the rules you will gain more blogger friends and audience.
3. Start answering recipe-related questions in “Yahoo Answers” or even here in “Quora” make sure you add photos as it can get you more attention.
4. Join food blogger circles like
Food blogs – Directory of Food Blogs and Recipe Blogs
Petitchef – All recipes are on Petitchef Petit Chef
Blogcatalog – Foodie Blogs
Bloggers – Meet Millions of Bloggers
Food blog search – Food Blog Search

to name some, I know you can find more. Note: don’t join the big ones yet like I said if they find out your blog they will be disappointed as there is not enough content yet, you missed an opportunity to keep an audience
5. Now you have friends as these bloggers to guest post on your site this will give you an avenue to get their audience, as well as they, will post on their blog that they had guest posted on your site. Before you do this you should be in constant communication already with the blogger via comments for quite some time.
6. Continue blogging at least 3 to 5 times a week.

Third Stage – Advertise

1. At this stage you might have 100 recipes posted and receiving at least 5 comments per post, you are now ready to showcase your work. Continue posting 3 to 5 recipes a week.
2. Create your Social Networking Fan Sites ie. Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, YouTube (if you plan to video). WordPress is good in auto posting whatever you write in your blog, which saves you time in posting them individually.
3. Now you are getting noticed Facebook and Google will give you advertising credit use this you will see how advertising pumps up the stats. Once your credit is depleted you can continue if you want to.
4. Join bigger food circles like Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Tastetologie, Food Porn Daily. At this stage you need more time as you will post the photos manually on those sites, you need to take good photos so it gets approved easily.
5. At this stage, you might be getting 15 comments per post and some are totally random people not within your circle, reply to those on your site and read their blog as well and comment there, you will gain more blogger friends and more work.
6. This stage you will start to get sponsorships, accept them, especially reviews. You will eat a lot.

Next Stage – I haven’t been here and still thinking better ways for my blog to get noticed but I am proud of my stats so far hence I am sharing my experience. To give you an idea here is the stats I get from WordPress since I started my food blog (Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for “It’s Delicious”)) nearly 3 years ago.

Tips: Don’t over do a month so you will maintain a nice steady increasing graph when you see it’s going down it will be frustrating so when you see it getting way too much high stats on that month stop your online activity and reserve it for next month.


Exercise a lot as you have eaten a lot as well at this stage, have fun.

And if everything else fails you can still continue because you have the passion.

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