How to React if a Stranger Approaches You and Says You Are Beautiful


I get this – all. the. time.

Granted, I live in a Bariga area with plenty of homeless/crazies/druggies. So the majority of the time it comes from them. I get it most frequently when I’m giving hot food to the homeless person out in the rain/cold.

Sometimes it’s a random younger man/man-boy. It’s never an older, sexy man. LOL. Then again, I wouldn’t ever walk up to a random man and tell him how beautiful he is either. Young people just have more confidence (and less filter).

It’s a compliment. Say thank you (graciously and with a nice smile).

Then go back to doing whatever you were doing and pay that compliment forward some time later to someone else who deserves it 🙂 — Like a good girlfriend, your mom/aunt/grandma. Someone who is beautiful and never hears it.

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