Building Balanced Relationships – On Mentorship

No man is an Island.

we all need someone to lean on, over time. It could be a friend,a blood relative, a colleague etc

Bottom line is you can’t do life alone. Some people claim to be professional lone wolves, but that is not the appropriate way of life.We have to build relationships. I believe that,relationships need work,there is always room to improve,to get better, to improve on a working method of bonding,to get along,etc

In our generation,once the word relationship comes up,all you think off is the coming together of  a lady and a man,well,that counts too and is essential to living but i’d love to emphasize on  the  Mentor –  Mentee relationship.

This kind of relationship is very very vital especially to people who intend to touch the moon and the stars. Given that you always need someone to guide you and tell you the truth at all times, to correct you, to be there for you at all times. Someone you can bounce your ideas on,who will have your back, and will catch you when you fall,who will provide an efficient support system for you at all times. Someone with whom you have no secrets and you can always ask for help.

Most people don’t value this sort of relationship because they find it difficult to ask for help.In my opinion,Such people are headed down the slope because,Pride goes before a fall. Lots of people have made it to the top  and back to the bottom because they lacked capacity for the top.This could have been avoided if they had Mentors.

Two years ago i approached someone to be my mentor because according to me,i saw that he had experience in a particular field i was interested in. Six month down the line,i gave up because i felt he would be too busy and wouldn’t have time for me and my “small” dreams and plans.  That was a huge mistake on my part which i deeply regret. If i didn’t let my shallow thoughts get in the way, i would have accomplished much more.

Bottom Line is the Mentor -Mentee relationship is not a ride in the hay but it is worth it.

As a Mentee, you need to be Humble,be teachable,be willing to learn,be sincere,receive corrections,make improvements,be consistent and insistent,follow your mentor till you touch the stars.

As a Mentor,be down to earth,humble and be willing to share all  the knowledge you have acquired over the years through experience with your mentee.

This is the beginning of the year,its a good time to pick out a Mentor  or a Mentee.

This relationship requires work from both parties.

Make it work.

Join the movement

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