Basic Reasons Why You Need to Start The Year,Fasting And Praying

Fasting at the beginning of every year has become a norm to us in this part of the world.

Lots of people do it without understanding.

Folks fast because everyone is fasting or because that’s what their Pastor asked them to do,

I Think it is a good time to find out, Why you should actually engage in this exercise.

Why Fast January 2017?

Here are ten reasons why you should start this year fasting and Praying.

1.Prayer builds your Confidence.Confidence that you get from settling issues in the realm of the spirit.

2.Prayer syncs you with the Holy spirit, so much so that you receive direction with ease.

3.Prayer Enforces the Will of God on Earth.

4.Prayer builds your resolve, Resolve that will push you even in extremely difficult times.

5. Prayer times birth Revelations, Revelations that chart the course of your year, that determine your Modus Operandi; who to befriend, who to cut off, where to be at or not to be at, etc

6.Prayer times bring out your personal word from the word for the crowd.

7.Every Prophecy has to be “wared” into reality.Prayer handles that.

8.Prayer brings Fulfilment.

9. Prayer is like filling your tank in advance.this is preparing for whatever lies ahead.

10. Fasting kills carnality and increases spiritual sensitivity.Fasting also subdues your body so that your spirit can be more in tune with the spirit of God.

Fasting is not just abstaining from food, but also abstaining from a lot of other things that are fighting for your attention so you can concentrate and grow your spirit.

Fasting without prayer and word study, is dieting or hunger strike.

Fasting and Prayer go together.

This a good time to fast and pray. we have over 350 days to go in the new year, its a very long road and you can’t walk it alone.

Just in case you haven’t made up your mind to fast, please join the Bandwagon.It’s necessary.

Join the movement

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