The journey of a rising star

The Journey of A Rising Star

December 30, 2016 laywhy 0

Babajide Esho, a 24-year-old graduate of Actuarial Science from the University of Lagos, is currently changing the face of entrepreneurship in Africa. After being a development manager at Procyon Energy, a company owned by his […]


Culottes Are The New Cool!

December 9, 2016 laywhy 0

They have been around since like forever and they are making a major comeback! They were originally worn by upper-class European men in the middle ages and used to be tight with closures around the […]

Trump Names Carson as Housing Secretary

Trump Names Carson as Housing Secretary

December 6, 2016 laywhy 0

Donald Trump’s transition team announced on Monday that former presidential candidate Ben Carson had been nominated as housing secretary. “Ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and is part of ensuring that […]