4 Causes of Emotional Hurt and How You Heal

Emotional Hurt and How You Heal

When someone says their heart is full of stone, it means they have suffered from so much emotional hurt that they don’t want to get hurt any longer. Emotional hurt sometimes doesn’t heal as fast as the human body. It takes forgiveness and personal effort to heal the human heart from emotional hurt. The truth is that we will always get hurt. Life hurts, your mom, dad, family, friends have hurt you and will hurt you. You will also hurt people too. The older you grow the more hurt you will become. Emotional pain if not healed or overcome affects all facets of someone’s life.  These are 5 causes of emotional hurt and how to heal.

1.  Hurt of Abuse

Abuse can come from any means. You can be abused by your own family, friends, ex-lover. The hurt gotten from being abuse makes you create a wall around your heart to prevent other people from hurting you. What you fail to see is that the wall serves two purposes: It prevents further hurt and it also pushes people away from you who can help heal you. It takes a forgiving heart, being patient and determination to heal the heart of someone who has been abused because being abused, especially during childhood days, lowers self-esteem. Indulging in habits like consumption of excessive alcohol, taking hard drugs, prostitution or womanizing so say the least won’t let those memories go away. Those are only temporary fixes. You will hurt more when the temporary fix wears off.

The first step in healing is to understanding that you were hurt because of the weakness of someone else and then realizing what you have lost during the time of you grieved you being hurt and what you will lose if you remain in you current hurt state. Your future and happiness are not defined by your past. Life is too short to spend all the time grieving. What has happened has happened. Your heart has been hurt but its left for you pick the pieces back together.

2. Hurt of Rejection

Being rejected causes emotional trauma and leads to you segregating yourself. It makes you always isolate yourself, not wanting to associate with other people. It makes you afraid to live, afraid to interact and worse afraid of love which empowers your fear by bringing flashbacks of how you have been rejected in time past and how you felt when you were rejected. Rejection makes it difficult to love someone because you don’t want to loose your guard. You don’t want to be hurt again. You don’t want more of your past experience. This makes you a slave to the fear of being rejected.

In order to overcome the hurt of rejection, you have to let go of the past. Holding on to your past is living in the past. Protecting yourself is good but you are doing it wrongly. The best way to protect yourself is to surround yourself with people who love you. If you are in a relationship with someone who is still experiencing emotional hurt caused by past rejection, all you have to do is to show love. Make the person see that love exists. Love heals.

3.  Hurt of Failure

When you have tried so hard and you do not succeed, it hurts emotionally. Failure if you allow it to makes you feel useless. It creates negativity and makes you care less about your life. It results to you not believing in your ability due to the hurt and your failed memories.

The only way to overcome the hurt of failure is to succeed. Failure is a step in the journey to success. You can’t pull down a building with a single punch. You have to pull yourself back up, reinforce yourself and then try again.

4. Hurt of Disbelief

When you do your best to make someone believe in you, try your best to impress someone and they don’t, it hurts emotionally. It hurts when you explain yourself to someone and the person isn’t convinced or does not care about what you have said. The emotional hurt of disbelief prevents you from explaining your future actions.

Truth be told, You can never please everyone. No one as ever done that and you won’t be the first. Secondly, not everybody will ever understand you. Work for a cause not for applause, live your life to express yourself not to impress , don’t strive to make your presence noticed but make your absence felt. Be yourself, no photocopy is worth more than the original. Make honesty and integrity the foundation of all your relationships. There can’t be disbelief when the foundation of your relationship is honesty and integrity.
After Thoughts
You can only heal from an emotional hurt when you believe you can do it. Drop your comments below. I will like to hear from you.

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