10 Differences Between The Girl You Dated And The Woman You Married

10 Differences Between The Girl You Dated And The Woman You Married

You are thinking about marriage, and you are wondering how the girl you’re dating will differ from the woman you are going to marry.

When you are younger and not thinking about marriage, you might date a girl or woman based on how attractive she is. You probably are not bothered with the maturity and intelligence of the individual, all you know is you are attracted to her.

There is a difference between the girl you date and the woman that will end up being your Mrs – The words girl and woman cannot be used interchangeably and it does not have any relation with the biological age of a person.

What I refer to here is the level of maturity, stage of life and her vision regarding life. There are certain people who just never grow up and that highlights the differences between the girl you date and the woman you marry.  

This does not mean that your woman won’t have those immature “girlish” tendencies or vice versa. But the excess of those tendencies is what can be defined as immaturity.

If you are married, you will have realized that the girl you dated is different from the woman you married. This does not mean she changed completely, it means that her priorities and perspective about life and marriage will improve in many ways. Hopefully, for the better.

Now, what makes her different? Here are 10 differences between the girl you dated and the woman you married.

  1. The girl you date loves you for the financial support and security she can get from you. She always expects something expensive especially when she gives you a gift or does you a favour.

The woman you marry is with you because she believes in you and the fact that both you will be able to build a strong financial cushion together. She does things for you just because she loves you, not because she wants something in return.

  1. The girl you date always puts herself first. She is not bothered about your career, your future or your vision in life. All she cares about is herself.

The woman you marry cares about your future and career as well as hers. She balances your plan and hers to make sure it works together and you both achieve your goals in life.

  1. The girl you date is overly conscious about her appearance and the attention she gets from other men.

The woman you marry is only interested in being attractive to the man she married. She is not bothered about petty things and she is not narcissistic. She understands that real beauty emanates from within.

  1. The girl you date doesn’t trust you enough to reveal are most guarded secrets.

The woman you marry will have a problem hiding things from you. She knows and believes that honesty is the best policy. She expects you to be understanding and mature, so she trusts you completely.

  1. The girl you date believes she knows everything and that she is always right. She is not opened to learn new things.

The woman you marry is willing to learn new things, learn from her mistakes, and knows there is always room for improvement.

  1. The girl you date is going to compare you to her ex, other men she knows or even celebrities.

The woman you marry knows you are already trying hard to be your best self and won’t compare you to anyone. She loves you for you and knows you can’t be someone else.

  1. The girl you date isn’t considering a future with you. She is not planning to get married or start a family with you.

The woman you marry is excited about spending the rest of her life with you and can’t wait to start a family with you.

  1. The girl you date will act like a kid and always throw tantrums. If she is angry or displeased, she will start acting aggressively or will give you the silent treatment.

The woman you marry will also get angry but she will be more matured the way she deals with her emotions. She is willing to talk to you about her issues and also try to work things out.

  1. The girl you date believes that compromising means bowing down to a demand. She is not willing to compromise with you, it’s either her way or no way at all.

The woman you marry understands that compromise is necessary for a healthy marriage. She understands that things don’t always work out the way we imagine in life and is willing to compromise so as to have a healthy happy marriage.

  1. The girl you date has to be entertained and will leave you once she gets bored.

The woman you marry is someone you can have fun with either relaxing, doing activities, or do nothing together and still enjoy each other’s company.

If you have any other point to add to this, kindly do so in the comment box below.


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